Osen Menyu

Osen Menyu…aka the ‘Fall Menu.’

September brings us the fall equinoxe, hearalding in Autumn.  This season gives us the hearty, more intensely flavored dishes.  Dishes that fill us with warmth, comfort, and pleasure to all of our senses.  The flavors of sweet spice, pungent sauces, heavenly roasts, indoor grilling, and so much more.

Chef Zoriy and Team Bab’s have delighted our palettes with carefully thought of and perfectly prepared dishes.  Not to say the least about our new cheese plate…but, we hit a home run with our trifecta of flavors for our first round.  To that…did someone say Stroganoff?  If I’m not mistaken…I believe that would be a definitive YES!  We have added this delight…by your resounding desire for us to make this a mainstay.  Chef has taken the extra effort to make the pasta!  Pappardelle at that!  Really sets this Russian staple a part from the rest.

The Russian Chicken Salad is a home run!  Oh yeah!  We thought that if China can do it and win the world over, so can we!  The dressing on this salad is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!  It’s Russian dressing and no, it’s not mayo and ketchup…this heirloom of a recipe is decades old and babushka didn’t fuss about the 9 ingredients needed to make this spectacular dressing for her salad.

What else is new?  Ah!  We’ve added a sides menu.  Go figure.  Chef’s Yukon gold potatoes…are you kidding me?!  Give me those and I’m set!  Thank you, have a nice day!  The buttered buckwheat…yes, buttered buckwheat!  Why not?!  It is a delicious starch worth giving a go around.  Great earthy flavor, sweet rich creamy butter, and a touch of kosher salt.  Simplicity is a GOOD thing 🙂  Give the potatoes a break.

Let’s keep it going…Dessert!  The dessert menu has two new additions.

One, we just love, love, love Pacific Bay Coffee Co cafe.  Seriously, these people truly care about their customers.  Outside of the gracious hospitality, Chris and team purvey some of the best beans in the area.  Constantly adding wonderful coffees and teas to their repertoire.  We have added their French roast to our menu.  We love it!  They know how to roast those beans 🙂  As the season kicks into high gear look for more of their brew to be added.  You can find Pacific Bay just a few doors down from our restaurant, on the corner.

Two, Le Gateau Elegant is a sugarholics dream fantasy come true.  This group of pastry artists and aficianodos of perfectly baked sweets, just can’t be passed up.  So, we decided to add one of their top cakes…The Swedish Princess Cake.  Now I know some of you may know of this cake but let me tell you something.  I am a proud sugarholic and love cakes but never has my impeccable palette come accross such a heavenly delight.  This cake has complexity, light yet rich, an intermezzo of cream, a perfect balance of raspberry, finished with aromatic nuance of marzipan.  Out of this world!  Le Gateau is located nextdoor to us.

Well, I think you get the idea.  Chef’s wooing us with his craft and he’s aimin’ to please.



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