Baked pastry, pickled carrots, sauce Robert
Chicken Liver Pate
House made, caramelized onions, house pickles, hardboiled egg Finn Crisps
Russian Antipasto Platter
Selection of sliced artisan meat, house mixed marinated vegetables
Red Caviar
In house crepes, salmon roe, crème fraîche
Smoked Fish Platter
Cold smoked salmon, hot smoked sturgeon, grekelita olives, micro greens
Hearty Vegetable soup, beets, cabbage, carrots, potato, crème fraîche
Old-style Russian soup, artisan meats, sausage, red bell pepper, carrots, pickles, herb melody
Baklajani Salad
Simmered eggplant, red bell pepper, onion, tomatoes, micro greens, balsamic reduction
Russian style potato salad Russian bologna, carrots, peas, house pickles, house-made creamy dressing
Beets, honey, garlic, micro greens, balsamic reduction
Winter Greens
Organic greens, red onion, herbed feta cheese,
extra virgin olive oil

House made tortellini style dumplings, choice of beef & pork, or chicken, herb broth, crème fraîche
House made dumplings, choice of farmers cheese or potato, garlic herb brown butter
Crepes filled with your choice of
chicken or herbed farmers cheese
Eggplant Crepes
Lightly pan-fried, rolled and stuffed, house herb aioli, tomato Baklajani
Long grain rice pilaf slow-cooked, tender cuts of lamb, sweet grape tomato, herb melody
Chicken Kiev
Oven-Roasted breaded chicken breast stuffed with herbs, butter, garlic thyme cream sauce, pan fried potatoes
Cabbage leaves rolled and stuffed with chicken, beef, rice, carrots, au jus broth, crème fraîche
Catch of the Day
Pan seared with local seasonal vegetables

Desert Menu
puffed pastry, custard cream, rum,
sour cherry glaze
Chocolate Honey Cake
layered chocolate cake, honey cream
Vanilla Honey Cake
Layered honey cake, vanilla cream
Sour Cherry Cake
pastry cream on chocolate chiffon cake,
sour cherry reduction
Fruta di Basco
Bavarian cream, berry compote
Pastry Plate
walnut short bread cookie,
baked cinnamon pastry
Sweet Cheese Blintzes
farmers cheese, crème fraîche, berry compote
Sour Cherry Vareniki
brown butter thyme, sour
cherry beet glaze, crème fraîche

Executive Chef Zoriy Malkov
Local produce and Non GMO oils used